How to stop the Purchase Order creation from expired Contract in SAP MM?

Requirement: Based on business requirement, system shouldn’t allow users to create Purchase Order with reference to Contract (outline agreement) which is already expired.

Solution: This requirement can be fulfilled by changing the warning message to Error message about contract expiry message number :06041. But, we should clearly inform users about the impact once the message is changed to Error. After the message is changed to Error, purchase order can’t be created with the expired contract.

Before going to the solution of changing the message type, we will see the message during Purchase Order creation

Below is the contract header screen which is expired. This contract will be used to create the Purchase Order. We can see in below screen that the contract validity End is 31.01.2018

Below screen shows the Warning message related to contract expiry but it won’t stop the creation of Purchase Order although it gives warning. So, it will be like an information to the user who is creating Purchase Order. User can ignore the warning message and proceed with PO creation

Message details are provided below

Based on business requirement, the solution is decided to change the message from Warning (W) to Error (E). The configuration path to make these changes is

SPRO-IMG Reference-Material Management-Purchasing-Environment Data-Define Attributes of System Messages-System messages

This configuration setting will be helpful to stop the creation of both Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order with reference to expired Contract document.

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