PBXX is missed in purchase order conditions tab

Dear Friends,

If you encounter this issue of the below error during PO Creation, you need to input PBXX and then fill the Price which is a work around.

But, you can find the root cause of the issue to fix the issue completely.

Go to M/06 or SPRO-IMG Reference-Material Management-Purchasing-Conditions-Define Price Determination Process-Define Condition Types and verify whether any one assigned Access sequence wrongly. If yes, you can remove and save.

Once you move the configuration TR to your testing client or quality client, you can test which will work fine

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2 thoughts on “PBXX is missed in purchase order conditions tab

  1. Hello Ganesh,

    My Name is Vasudha, I recently subscribed your channel.
    Currently I am working as a key user, I learned SAP MM topics completely from different institute but the trainer was out of country now he can’t continue further.
    Now I don’t have knowledge on project and implementation and real time experience.
    Badly I want to change my job what all the topics I have to cover from your videos which helps me for clearing interview.
    Every day I am checking your mock interview videos and I tried to answer it by myself which is very helpful.
    In my CV I mentioned Cross function knowledge I have MM-FI, could you please confirm me what minimum knowledge I should have about cross function?
    Please share your video links which helps me for clearing interview
    I mentioned 4.5 years of experience =1 implementation and 4 supporting project experience .

    Please confirm, How to contact you? Regarding any doubts?


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