What are the accounting entries when you do the Goods Receipt for the Intra Company Stock Transport Order?




The correct answer is  – NO ACCOUNTING ENTRIES. Accounting document will be created during Post Goods Issue at Supplying Plant but there won’t be any accounting document during Post Goods Receipt at Receiving Plant


Note: No other condition types are having value in PO Conditions. Only valuation price is available.


Below screen shots will give better clarity to understand the answer

Purchase Order Conditions Tab:

You can find the condition tab has the Valuation Price condition type only

Purchase Order History Tab:

In this screen shot, I have highlighted the Material Document related to Post Goods Receipt

Goods Receipt Material Document Display screen:

You can find the highlighted message at the bottom on the screen which is prompted by the system after clicking FI Documents button. I hope , this screenshot has given you the clarity to understand the answer NO ACCOUNTING ENTRIES for GR against Intra Company STO 

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SAP MM Freshers Mock Interview 1 by Ganesh Padala

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