Pre closing the Purchase Requisition

Requirement: User wants to close the Purchase requisition items which are open i.e. partially converted to Purchase Order or Purchase Order is not yet created. User requirement is  the creation of Purchase Order should not be allowed by the system for respective Purchase Requisition.

Solution: The best solution to fulfil this requirement is activating the CLOSED flag for required items of the Purchase Requisition. This can be done for any item of the Purchase Requisition. Screen shot is given below

Closed indicator in PR

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2 thoughts on “Pre closing the Purchase Requisition

  1. Ganesh my friend got one requirement like this. They are maintaining release strategy for PR, so after highest release code release the PR it should automatically close after 3 days from highest release code. So how we have to map in SAP?


    • You can check with ABAP. There is a standard function module which will update the release status. Once the PR got the release indicator ‘R’, an internal table should be created to collect the open PRs with the released time+ 3 days, one more program should run to activate the flag CLOSED for all those list of PRs which come under that category. This is just an outline. If you explain the same to ABAP, he can do as per the available standard FM,BAPI. But it is a rare requirement and mainly if the PR is not converted to PO within those 3 days, it will be wasted. Thorough testing is needed if there is a possibility to do the same.


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