Service Master-External Service Management

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I have come with the user manual for creating Service Master. I hope it will be useful for you.

Service Master: 

The service master record counts as part of the master data within External Services Management and serves as a source of data for you to draw upon when creating service specifications. This enables you to save time and reduces the frequency of errors, since you need only enter the complete service descriptions in the service master record once.

A service master record contains the following principal information for the unique description of a service:

  • Service number
  • Service category
  • Descriptive texts (short and long text)
  • Base unit of measure
  • Material group
  • Valuation class

User manual is provided below

Service Master is one of the master data in SAP Material Management. Service Master is used in External Service Management. All Service Purchase orders use service master. Service purchase orders can be created without service master also.

Service Master is at client level i.e. once service master is created in system, it will be available for all the plants in that system. We don’t have to extend to individual plants as it is at client level. Service master has to be created for the activities like Maintenance, Painting, manpower work, etc type of service related works.

Transaction code AC01/AC03 can be used to create service master in SAP. I have provided step by step user manual to create Service Master in SAP.

Step 1:

Service Master Creation will have only one screen as shown below

Explanation is given below for important fields

Activity Number: Activity number means Service Number. It will behave like Material Number. This will be automatically generated if we use internal number range.

Service Description: In below screen Test Service Master is the service description, it is like Material Description

Service Category: Service Category is like Material Type. Here also we can create different Service Categories as per the requirement

Unit of Measure: In below screen D- Days is given. Similar to that, Hours, Square Metre etc can be given as Unit of measure.

Short Text change allowed: This functionality is provided in Service Master not like Material Master. Because service master is not a single name like material.

For example, painting is a service description. During PO creation, it may need to change to Painting wall or Painting of room etc. So, if we flag this option, the short text can be changed during PO creation otherwise it won’t allow making changes.

Mat/Serv Group: This is similar to Material Group and it is configured in system along with Material Groups.

Valuation Class: This valuation class is completely similar to material valuation class. But in case of material master, different valuation classes can be maintained for different valuation areas as accounting data at valuation area level. In case of service master, single valuation class for a service master irrespective of valuation area as Service master is at client level.

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