Fetching SAP Delivery Header/Item texts with Function Module by Ganesh Padala

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In this video, I have explained the process of fetching delivery texts with Function Module READ_TEXT. As we know that the text details can’t be fetched from Table so we need to use Function Module to get the data. This logic will be helpful when you work on any custom reports or Forms or any other developments where you supposed to get this information and display on screen.

I hope it will be helpful for you. Please watch and provide your valuable feedback.

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What are the possible reasons for taking long run time for MB5B?


Below could be possible reasons for the long run time

The runtime optimizations can be carried out only for the following entries on the selection screen:

  • In the stock type section, storage location/batch stock or special stock is selected.
  • In the scope of list section, all categories are selected.
  • In the settings section, the option “Totals Only – Non-Hierarchical Representation” or “Totals Only – Hierarchical Representation” is selected. The no reversal movements option is not selected.
  • In the “Access to Archive” section, the archived documents option is not selected.

If your entries on the selection screen differ from these settings, no optimization is possible and the report is executed as before; therefore, you cannot expect improved runtimes.

This information is also provided in the documentation for BAdI RM07MLBD_DBSYS_OPT (Stock on Posting Date) in the section concerning the BAdI method CALCULATE_STOCKS.


Set the input criteria on the selection screen as described above so that the optimized version of the report can run


Ganesh Padala

How to get the Purchase Order creation date and time details with Purchase Requisition?


Purchase Requisition is an internal purchasing document and Purchase order is an external purchasing document which will be shared with Vendor to get the ordered materials. We can get the Purchase Order details which are created with reference to respective purchase requisition by using below logic. The PO creation date and time details can be taken by following below two steps

Step 1: Pass Purchase Requisition (BANFN) in EBAN table and get Purchase Order (EBELN). Below screenshots are provided to understand the input data and output data. Transaction code which is used for below screenshots is SE16N

Input Screen is provided below where the Table and Purchase Requisition field are highlighted

Output Screen is provided below where the Purchase order field is highlighted

Step 2: Pass above Purchase Order Number (EBAN-EBELN) as OBJECTID , Application object Change id (CHANGE_IND) = I in CDHDR table and get the PO Creation Date (UDATE) and time (UTIME) as shown below

Input data is provided below by highlighting the Table and input fields

Output data is provided below where the required fields Date and Time are highlighted

We can use this logic when you get the requirement to fetch PO creation date and time for any custom report and smart forms. I hope this document is helpful for you. Thanks for viewing the document. Please provide your valuable feedback and share with your network.

You can check below link for my SAP WM Videos on YouTube. I hope it will be helpful


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How to stop the cancellation of Goods Receipt Material Document before cancelling Invoice Receipt Document?

Requirement: Business wants to have control in system to give error if any user tries to cancel GR document without cancelling the IR document. This will be helpful to avoid any inconsistencies between GR and IR.

Solution: We should suggest to use GR Based Invoice verification process to the business if they are not using. If they are already using GR Based IV, it will be fine. As per SAP standard system, there is a configuration where we can setup which movements can be allowed after posting Invoice Receipt for a purchase order.

For example: 122- Return to Vendor should be allowed and 102- Cancel of GR Document should not be allowed


Below configuration needs to be used to put this control. The path for configuration : SPRO- SAP Reference IMG-Materials Management-Inventory Management and Physical Inventory-Goods Receipt-For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice

Once you click on the node – For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice , below screen will be appeared. Movement types need to be maintained along with check box.

Indicates that in the case of GR Based IV, you can enter a reversal in respect of the purchase order, or a return delivery, even though the corresponding invoice for the goods receipt document has already been posted.

If RevGR desp.IR = X, it means GR cancellation/Return to Vendor can be done without cancelling IR document

If RevGR desp.IR = Blank, it means GR cancellation/Return to Vendor can’t be done without cancelling IR document


As the requirement is to test the cancellation of GR Document after posting both GR and IR for purchase order, we can consider that the GR and IR are completed for the Purchase Order. Below is the transaction to cancel the GR document without performing IR cancellation. You can observe the error message based on above configuration.

Transaction Code is MIGO. You can perform the cancellation of Material Document with Transaction Code MBST also. You can observe the error message once you click on Check or Post button

Error details are provided below for the information.

The error message will be given by the system when user tries to cancel the material document without cancelling the IR document when GR Based IV is activated in PO. Below screenshot is provided from the Purchase Order where GR Based IV flag will be available

This error can be resolved if you follow below steps

  1. Cancel IR document with MR8M Transaction Code
  2. Cancel GR document with MIGO-Cancellation or MBST Transaction Code

I hope this support issue document will be helpful for you. Keep learning and sharing. All the Best

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How to identify a manually entered output message type in a document like Purchase Order?


We can identify the list of message types which are entered manually for a Purchase order by inputting Purchase Order number in object key field along with input of X to field MANUE. It will give the details of output types which are maintained manually.

Same approach can be used for other documents like Outbound delivery, Shipment etc. If MANUE=Blank, it comes under automatically updated with output condition records

Input Screen:

Output Screen:


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SAP MM Mock Interview 5 by Ganesh Padala

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I am sharing one more good mock interview about SAP MM. I hope it will be helpful for your interview preparation. You can watch and give your valuable feedback.



SAP MM Material Master complete process by Ganesh Padala

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In this videos, you will get the configuration and details of front end transactions of  SAP Material Master. You can watch both videos to learn about Material Master. I hope these videos will be helpful for your learning.

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