What are the possible reasons for taking long run time for MB5B?


Below could be possible reasons for the long run time

The runtime optimizations can be carried out only for the following entries on the selection screen:

  • In the stock type section, storage location/batch stock or special stock is selected.
  • In the scope of list section, all categories are selected.
  • In the settings section, the option “Totals Only – Non-Hierarchical Representation” or “Totals Only – Hierarchical Representation” is selected. The no reversal movements option is not selected.
  • In the “Access to Archive” section, the archived documents option is not selected.

If your entries on the selection screen differ from these settings, no optimization is possible and the report is executed as before; therefore, you cannot expect improved runtimes.

This information is also provided in the documentation for BAdI RM07MLBD_DBSYS_OPT (Stock on Posting Date) in the section concerning the BAdI method CALCULATE_STOCKS.


Set the input criteria on the selection screen as described above so that the optimized version of the report can run


Ganesh Padala

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