Logic to get the PO Creator complete Name in SAP

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I am providing the logic to get the PO Creator Complete Name which can help to show on PO Form or any customized reports.

  • Pass PO Number as EBELN in EKKO table and get Created by – ERNAM
  • Pass ERNAM as BNAME in USR21 table and get Person Number – PERSNUMBER
  • Pass PERSNUMBER in ADRP table and get Complete Name – NAME_TEXT

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SAP Report as Daily Email to Users for SAP Functional Consultants

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I came with a concept which will be helpful for all SAP Functional consultants. I hope you will like the video. I am also providing the the document link with this video. Watch and share with your friends.

You can download the document which is used in Video with below link.

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How to remember Movement Types in SAP ? -Tips by Ganesh Padala

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Online Training Session on Preparing Logic for Customized Reports in SAP by Ganesh Padala

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I hope you are doing good. I am happy to share below video which has few details about Custom Table logic. You can join for the premiere at 3PM IST

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