SAP Service Procurement by Ganesh Padala

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Please find below video about Service Procurement. I tried to provide maximum details about SAP MM Service Procurement in this video.

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M7 599 “Inform system administrator: error at data inconsistency multiple account assignment”


Above error is occurred when the service entry sheet is released for a Service Purchase Order. The reason is the Service Purchase Order contains Planned Delivery Costs. Below are the reasons from SAP Standard to stop Service Entry Sheet.

planned delivery costs are generally not supported in External Services Management and for blanket purchase orders, item category D or B.

In the business function “LOG_MM_MAA_1”, it is possible to process service purchase order items with multiple account assignment and valuated goods receipts only without planned delivery costs. The design of this business function does not allow planned delivery costs for MAA service purchase order items. When posting the goods receipt for MAA purchase order items, the system checks the data to be posted for consistency. If this data is not consistent, the posting of the goods receipt terminates with error message M7 599. This message should prevent data inconsistencies.

Notel: MAA – Multiple Account Assignment



Service Procurement- External Service Management

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In this document, I am going to provide the step by step user manual for Service Procurement. Service Procurement is one of the important procurement processes in SAP Material Management. This procurement is used in Manufacturing, Service Industries, Facility Management etc. type of domains. With this procurement, we can map the business procurement processes like Maintenance services, Manpower services such as Security, House-keeping and many other services.


Service Procurement User Manual