Difference between GR Blocked Stock and Blocked Stock in SAP

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SAP MM Doubts Discussion on different Transaction Keys and Account Modifiers

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Process to perform MASS deletion of Purchase Orders in SAP – Video no. 100 of Ganesh Padala

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In this video, I have explained the process of deleting Purchase Orders at Item Level and Header Level. You can check below to watch the same

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How to get the list of Invoice Receipts related to ERS in SAP?

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SAP MM Doubts Session on Material deletion, Info Record, PO BAPI, PO & PR Price, Release Code Role

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Fetching SAP Delivery Header/Item texts with Function Module by Ganesh Padala

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In this video, I have explained the process of fetching delivery texts with Function Module READ_TEXT. As we know that the text details can’t be fetched from Table so we need to use Function Module to get the data. This logic will be helpful when you work on any custom reports or Forms or any other developments where you supposed to get this information and display on screen.

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SAP MM Mock Interview 4 by Ganesh Padala

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