Process of calling Material Display with Function Module

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Fetching SAP Delivery Header/Item texts with Function Module by Ganesh Padala

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In this video, I have explained the process of fetching delivery texts with Function Module READ_TEXT. As we know that the text details can’t be fetched from Table so we need to use Function Module to get the data. This logic will be helpful when you work on any custom reports or Forms or any other developments where you supposed to get this information and display on screen.

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SAP WM TO Creation (LT01) with Function Module L_TO_CREATE_SINGLE

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LT01 is a Transaction code which is used to transfer stock from one storage bin to other storage bin. We can transfer one Material only. This Transaction can also be used to move partial quantity of a Pallet to other Storage Bin

  1. Transfer Order Creation with T Code LT01
  2. Transfer Order Confirmation with T Code LT12
  3. Transfer Order Creation with FM- L_TO_CREATE_SINGLE with sub functionalities like TO Creation by passing Source and Destination Storage Bin details/TO Creation without inputting the Storage Bin details/TO Creation without immediate confirmation/TO Creation with Immediate confirmation


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