Online Training Session on Preparing Logic for Customized Reports in SAP by Ganesh Padala

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How to get the program details of Transaction Code (s)?


We can get the program details of a single Transaction code with the help of Transaction Code SE93. But if we need the programs of multiple Transaction codes, we can use table TSTC to get the same. You can find below screen shots which will provide respective details.

This table can be used to get the details of Transaction codes from a Program also

Input Screen:

Output Screen:


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Overview about SE16 T Code in SAP

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I have provided few important options in SE16 Transaction code and also details to see the fields etc. I hope it will be helpful for your learning.





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What is the table to get the First and Last Name from User ID in SAP?

Answer: The table USER_ADDR will give the details of First and Last name with User ID. You can get the similar details from the table USER_ADDRS




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