How to block a Storage Bin for Stock Removal and provide any business requirements to block the bins?

Answer: We can block a Storage Bin with Transaction Code LS02N- Change Storage Bin or Transaction Code LS06- Block/Unblock Several Storage Bins simultaneously. We use LS06 when we want to block multiple bins at a time based on business requirement. In this document, I have explained the process of Blocking Storage Bin for Stock Removal along with testing document which will be helpful to understand the requirement.

Generally business use this functionality when they want to block specific Storage Bins due to maintenance activities or repairing work or temporarily no use or blocked the stock for specific business purposes. Based on business requirement, we will create multiple reasons in configuration.

1.Master Data Change:

Updating Stock Removal indicator and Reason for a Storage Bin with LS02N Transaction Code. We can configure multiple Blocking Reasons based on business requirement which will be assigned during the process of blocking.

Once you flag the stock removal check box and input the suitable reason for blocking, you need save.

Once you click on save, system will give below successful message.

You can display the Storage Bin with Transaction Code LS03N where the blocking reason and block indicator can be seen. You can find below screen where I highlighted the key fields

We have completed the blocking of Stock Removal for the Storage Bin A-0-1. Now we will do the testing to understand the use of blocking and how does it help business to stop picking or stock removal from specific Storage Bin

2. Testing:

As part of testing, I have taken a Storage Unit which belongs to the Storage Bin A-0-1. Now we will try to transfer the Storage Unit to other storage Bin. You can get the list of Storage units of the bin from standard SAP Reports like LX02/LX03

Display Storage Unit- T Code – LS27

Input Storage Unit and click enter to get the Storage Unit details. You can observe the storage type and bin on the screen.

Now we will test the process of creating Transfer order to move the Storage Unit 1000000036 from A-0-1 to any available storage bin to check the system behavior.

Create Transfer Order with Storage Unit: T Code- LT09

Go to the Transaction Code LT09 and input Storage Unit which needs to be moved along with movement type 999 as shown in below screenshot. After inputting the details, you need to click enter.

Once you click enter, system shows below screen. Check the source details like Plant, Storage Location, Storage Type and Bin etc. Then click on Create Transfer Order. If you want to transfer to specific storage bin, you can input otherwise system will fetch destination storage bin details based on Putaway Strategies.

Once you click on Create Transfer Order, system gives below error message as the source storage bin A-0-1 is blocked for stock removal.

I hope this document is helpful to understand the business requirement and respective solution. Until you unblock the storage bin, system won’t allow to remove/pick any stock from that storage bin.

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SAP WM Interview Question 2 by Ganesh Padala

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SAP WM Interview Question 1 by Ganesh Padala

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Bin Status Report in SAP WM

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I have come up with a new document from SAP WM. This document gives you a brief overview about the bin status report. I hope it will be useful for you.

The bin status report gives you an overview of the storage situation. The storage bin list contains information about capacity utilization in the warehouse, the materials that are stored there, how long the articles have been in storage, and the quants that are in range

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Bin Status Report


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Storage Bin in SAP WM

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Storage Bin is the most important master data in SAP Warehouse Management. It is the smallest addressable unit in a warehouse. In this document, I have explained the definition of storage bin along with the use and other details. And also I have provided the manual for creation of Storage bin with screen shots. I hope it will be useful for you. Share this document link in social network to make it useful for many people

Storage Bin: 


The storage bin (sometimes referred to as a “slot”) is the smallest addressable unit in a warehouse. It identifies the exact location in the warehouse where goods can be stored.

A storage bin can be further sub-divided into bin sections. Several different materials (Quants) can be stored in one bin at the same time.


Defines the bin into which the material in this storage type is to be placed.

Maximum storage bin quantity

Largest quantity that can be stored in a storage bin of this storage type

This quantity is recorded in the base quantity unit.


This entry is used for checking storage bin capacity.

Minimum storage bin quantity

Minimum quantity which is stored in the bin location of this storage type. Quantity is recorded in the base quantity unit


The system can use this entry for a material replenishment in this bin location.

Rounding qty:

When using the quantity-dependent picking strategy (large/small quantities), the requested quantity is rounded down to this quantity when materials are picked from this storage type.

This quantity is managed in the base unit of measure.

Storage bin can be created manually one by one or multiple storage bins can be created automatically.

  1. Manual Storage Bin Creation:

Transaction Code- LS01N


Display Storage Bin: T Code –LS03N

2. Automatic Storage Bin Creation: This is a configuration step. System will ask for a Transport Request after saving this transaction. This can be done through LS10 transaction code or by using below configuration Path

SPRO->IMG-> Logistics Execution-> Warehouse Management->Master Data-> Storage Bins-> Define Storage Bin Structure

After click on Define Storage Bin Structure, system will show below screen. Select the required line contains Warehouse number, Storage type and section and template. Storage bin structure, start value and end value will be given as per the requirement.

Now select the line and click on display icon as shown below

Then click on Create bins which is under Environment as shown below

Below screen will be appeared.


Then click on Create Online. System will prompt a message as shown below. Then click on Yes to create bins


Below message will be observed at the bottom

After saving, transport request screen will be appeared. In few business cases, we get access to LT10 transaction in Production to complete the storage bin creation directly in Production as Storage Bin comes under master data. If you don’t use storage bin structure, you can create LSMW for LS01N Transaction to create Storage Bins in bulk. 


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