SAP MM Mock Interview 9 on Support Role

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I came with one more SAP MM Mock Interview video. I hope it will be helpful for all of you. Watch and provide your valuable comments on this

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Service Entry Sheet-Creation and Deletion

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In this video , I have provided the video which has the explanation to create a Service Entry sheet and also the process of deleting Service Entry sheet. I hope it will be useful for your learning.

Watch the video from below link

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Service Procurement- External Service Management

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In this document, I am going to provide the step by step user manual for Service Procurement. Service Procurement is one of the important procurement processes in SAP Material Management. This procurement is used in Manufacturing, Service Industries, Facility Management etc. type of domains. With this procurement, we can map the business procurement processes like Maintenance services, Manpower services such as Security, House-keeping and many other services.


Service Procurement User Manual