Will you get the Storage locations of reference plant when you copy to new plant?

Answer: Yes. When we create new plant, we generally copy from reference plant. It is recommended also.  It may be SAP standard 1000 or any existing Plant which was implemented earlier.

During this activity, system will copy all the storage locations of reference plant and we can see those under IMG Activity-SPRO-Enterprise Structure-Material Management-Maintain Storage Location (Transaction Code -OX09). We can remove storage locations which are not required and also we can change the description etc. as per the business requirement. 


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SAP Warehouse Management Organization Structure

Hello Friends,

I am providing my first document from SAP WM. In this document, creation of organization structure is provided with screen shots. I hope it will be useful for you.

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Warehouse Management Organization Structure:

  1. Warehouse Number: Warehouse Number is defined in Enterprise structure. Generally, it is created by copying the standard. This is an alphanumeric code with 3-character length and the description has 25 characters length. It will be assigned to Plant and Storage Location in assignment. It can be assigned to several combinations of Storage Location and Plant.

SPRO->Enterprise Structure->Definition-> Logistics Execution ->Define, copy, delete, check warehouse number

Double click on below highlighted text to proceed with next step

Then click on Copy icon and provide input details as shown below. Generally, from warehouse number is given as standard warehouse number 001 or as per the requirement. And to warehouse number field will be filled with the warehouse number which has to be created

Find the warehouse number below

Assignment of Warehouse number to Plant/Storage location combination:

SPRO->Enterprise Structure->Assignment-> Logistics Execution->Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location

Note: One warehouse number can be assigned to the combination of multiple plants and storage locations. But multiple warehouse numbers can’t be used for the same Plant

Click on new entries and assign Plant, Storage Location and Warehouse number


2. Storage Type: Number of areas can be defined within the warehouse. The defined areas of Storage in SAP are called Storage Types. The layout of the warehouse is divided into Storage Types, and these defined areas related directly to the requirements of the materials to the stored in the warehouse.

Ex: Fast moving materials, Rack Storage, Bulk Pallet Storage, Slow moving materials, Special Storage

 Below path is used to define Storage Type

SPRO-> Logistics Execution-> Warehouse Management-> Master Data->Define Storage Type

Ware house number is copied from the standard warehouse number, so all standard storage types will be copied and available for the new warehouse number as shown below

New storage type also can be created as per the requirement. Find below screen for new storage type

3. Storage Section: The Storage type can be divided into several areas which are called Storage sections. Storage section contains the storage bins where the material is stored. Many storage types only have one storage section because there is no requirement to break Storage type into further distinct areas. At least one storage section should be there for a storage type

Example: Pallet goods, Bulk goods, fast moving Items, Slow moving items etc.

 Below path is used to define Storage section.

SPRO-> Logistics Execution->Warehouse Management-> Master Data->Define Storage Section

I hope this document will be helpful to understand about the organization structure of Warehouse Management