How to get the Purchase Order creation date and time details with Purchase Requisition?


Purchase Requisition is an internal purchasing document and Purchase order is an external purchasing document which will be shared with Vendor to get the ordered materials. We can get the Purchase Order details which are created with reference to respective purchase requisition by using below logic. The PO creation date and time details can be taken by following below two steps

Step 1: Pass Purchase Requisition (BANFN) in EBAN table and get Purchase Order (EBELN). Below screenshots are provided to understand the input data and output data. Transaction code which is used for below screenshots is SE16N

Input Screen is provided below where the Table and Purchase Requisition field are highlighted

Output Screen is provided below where the Purchase order field is highlighted

Step 2: Pass above Purchase Order Number (EBAN-EBELN) as OBJECTID , Application object Change id (CHANGE_IND) = I in CDHDR table and get the PO Creation Date (UDATE) and time (UTIME) as shown below

Input data is provided below by highlighting the Table and input fields

Output data is provided below where the required fields Date and Time are highlighted

We can use this logic when you get the requirement to fetch PO creation date and time for any custom report and smart forms. I hope this document is helpful for you. Thanks for viewing the document. Please provide your valuable feedback and share with your network.

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