Process to perform MASS deletion of Purchase Orders in SAP – Video no. 100 of Ganesh Padala

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In this video, I have explained the process of deleting Purchase Orders at Item Level and Header Level. You can check below to watch the same

As this video is 100th one in my YouTube Channel, I provided my experience and thought on Plantation for few minutes.

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Which of the below information is available in Purchase Value Key?

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SAP MM Interview Q&A Discussion 4 by Ganesh Padala

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Which of the below statement is TRUE about different Account Assignment Categories?

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Both the statements are applicable for Account assignment categories

Single account assignment: Specifies one account assignment for an item in the purchase order
Multiple account assignment: Allocates the costs associated with the purchase order item


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SAP WM Confirm Put away by Transfer Order on RF screen by Ganesh Padala

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In this video, I explained the process of Put away confirmation by Transfer Order on RF Screen. I hope it will be helpful to enhance your skills in WM

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