Can you get Invoice Receipt in PO history if the invoice party is different from PO Vendor?

Answer:  Yes. Although we change the Invoice Party during Invoice Receipt (MIRO), the Purchase Order History shows the Invoice Receipt document. We can get the PO history details in Table EKBE. 




What is the table to get the First and Last Name from User ID in SAP?

Answer: The table USER_ADDR will give the details of First and Last name with User ID. You can get the similar details from the table USER_ADDRS




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Give few points about Negative Stocks in SAP Inventory Management

Answer:  Negative Stocks allowed can be activated at Valuation Area and  Storage Location level. This is useful when business wants to use the Physical stock although the Goods Receipt in the system is not yet happened due to any other reasons. Business can issue the stock in the system to Production or Cost Center etc.

System will update negative stock in the system and we can see in stock overview. It will be updated once the Goods Receipt is done.

Negative stocks in valuation area allowed

Specifies that negative stock balances are allowed in the valuation area.


Negative stock balances can only result if they are allowed at the following levels:

  • Valuation area level
  • Storage location level
  • Material level (plant data in the material master record)

Negative stock levels are already allowed for special stocks if negative stocks have been activated in the valuation area and for the special stock in question in the plant. You do not have to activate them in each material master record.

You can have negative balances in stocks of the types Unrestricted and Blocked

Negative balances are possible in the following special stocks:

  • Vendor consignment (K)
  • Stock of material provided to vendor (O)
  • Consignment stock at customer (W)
  • Sales order stock (E)
  • Project stock (Q)
  • Returnable packaging stock at customer (V)
  • Returnable transport packaging (M)


Configuration : Negative Stocks allowed activation for Valuation Area and Storage Location







Negative Stocks allowed at Material : 







What is the table to check the Program of the Transaction Code in SAP?

The table name is TSTC- SAP Transaction Codes.

We use this table to get the Programs of the Transaction codes and also we can get the Transaction Codes of the Programs.






SAP MM Mock Interview 2

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SAP MM Mock Interview 1

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How to assign Purchase Value key when we don’t create material master?


As we aware that Purchase Value key can be assigned in Purchasing view for material. But Purchase value key can be assigned although we don’t create Material Master with below configuration step where we assign valuation class to Material group.

IMG – Material Management – Purchasing – Material Master – Entry Aids for items without a Material Master

PVK without material masterPVK without material master 2

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What is the use of Purchase value key?


Purchasing value key determines the following things:

1) Reminders keys- There are 3 keys which determine in how many days before or after the vendor has to be reminded or urging letters for the material procurement.

2) Over and under deliveries tolerances.

3) Order acknowledgement requirements in PO.

It gives all the conditions in which the procurement is made.  You can have different purchasing value keys which have to be customized with below path:

SPRO-IMG – MM – Purchasing – MM – Define Purchasing Value Keys or Transaction Code OME1. Screen shots are given below





What are the accounting entries for Free Goods receipt?

alt text

Answer: After clicking ‘F’ (Free Goods Indicator)  in purchase order , the net price of the item  will become Zero and the condition tab will be disappeared. Finally when we do the Goods Receipt, accounting entries won’t be generated.

If the material has price control as Moving Average Price (V), no accounting entries. But if the material has price control as Standard Price (S), the accounting entries will be as shown below.

Inventory Account – BSX – Debit (+)

Price Difference Account – PRD – Credit (-)