Explanation of Important fields in Material Master

Explanation of Important fields in Material Master

Material master is one of the important master data in SAP Material Management. Material is created with transaction code MM01. It contains different views like Basic data, Purchasing, Sales, Accounting etc. In this document, important fields are explained with details. I hope it will be helpful to understand the usage of different fields in Material master views. And also I have provided the levels of material views below i.e. at what level the data will be stored.

  1. Basic Data – Client Level
  2. Purchasing, MRP, Costing Data –  Plant Level
  3. Sales Data – Sales Organization Level (Tax indicator is at country level)
  4. Storage Data – Storage Location Level
  5. Accounting Data –  Valuation Area Level
  6. Warehouse Data – Warehouse Number Level 
  7. Storage Type Data – Warehouse Number and Storage Type level

I have provided the details of important fields in the views of material master in below attached document. I hope it will be useful for you.

Details of each field in MM01